New Policies

Updated policies effective as of April 19, 2021

Daycare Feeding Charge

Our daily lunch list is becoming very extensive. Feeding each dog takes at least 30 minutes, in addition to cleaning each room between feedings. With that being said If your dog is here for daycare and you would like them to be fed breakfast/lunch/dinner, there will be a $5 charge per meal/per dog (Regardless if your dog eats or not). This does not apply to boarding dogs.

Early Drop Off

Please DO NOT drop off before 7am unless you have requested an “early drop off” and it has been approved by our staff. Our overnight staff and morning employees have a lot to do before we open, showing up before 7am takes time away from the dogs/cats we are boarding. The door will be locked until 7am.

Late check in

All dogs/cats need to be checked in for boarding and daycare by 3pm each day. If you check in later than 3pm, you will be charged $15 per pet.

Late Check Out

If your dog/cat is picked up after 7pm for daycare or boarding, there will be a $15 charge. If your pet is still here by 7:30pm, they will be boarded with us for the night and you will be charged for an overnight stay.


Deposits are NON refundable. No exceptions. Please do not book a boarding reservation until you are absolutely certain you will need your dog/cat boarded during those dates.

early check out (boarding)

As a boutique hotel, we take pride in our minimal number of dogs compared to other facilities in the area. We rely on confirmed reservations booked by clients for the exact amount of dates confirmed. If you choose to pick up your dog/cat early from their boarding stay, that is ok, but note that you will be charged for the entire reservation. Please be courteous of our policy. Thank you.

Leashes/leash reactivity

All dogs are required to come into the facility on a leash, please DO NOT allow your dog to run around the property off leash. We DO NOT allow retractable leashes in our facility. Please be cautious when bringing your dog into the lobby. If you know your dog is leash aggressive, or protective of you, please wait outside until there are no dogs in the lobby. If your dog attacks another dog or bites a person in the lobby you will be held liable.



 We are more than happy to administer medication for your dogs/cats boarding with us. There is a $2 per charge per medication serving, per pet. This is due to the time it takes to “check in” pets with medication, to the difficulty administering some medications. We take medication very seriously, and can even administer shots, asthma inhalers, etc.

Cancelation Policy

Once you have a confirmed/booked reservation, you have two weeks prior to the reservation to make changes or to cancel the reservation. If you need to make changes or cancel the reservation after the two week prior to the reservation, you are financially responsible for the entire confirmed boarding stay. Regardless of changes or cancellations, deposits are non-refundable no matter the notice. 

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