Can I Take A Tour?

Tours are by appointment only, we host tours every Monday from 9-12. Please do not ask or pressure our employees to come in the back when you do not have a reservation. We schedule extra staff every Monday to accommodate tours as to not take help away from the dogs/cats in our care.

What Is A Dog Temperament Evaluation?

Think of it as a simple “meet and greet.”  Evaluation consultations are available by appointment to accommodate your schedule.  Please bring the necessary vaccination records (as described above.)  Plan on about 15 minutes of your time to get your dog into our system and plan on your dog staying with us for 1-2 hours.  During the evaluation we will slowly introduce your dog to a few dogs at a time, this will ensure the highest level of safety.  At pickup we will discuss your dogs results and how to proceed.  This ensures the safety of all of our pet guests and staff.  Temperament and personality evaluations must be scheduled in advance.  Please call ahead to schedule your appointment, as we want to make sure we have adequate time to get to know your dog.  Time slots available Monday – Friday from 9-12, there is a $15 per dog charge for this. We DO NOT require temperament test for cats. 

How Do I Make A Reservation?

To get started click on the Book Now icon located on our website, from there you will create an online profile for you and your pet(s).  We do have a few requirements prior to booking daycare or boarding. All dogs/cats wanting to come to Hydrant must be at least 4 months of age, spayed or neutered by 8 months of age, and be up to date on all required vaccines.  For dogs, we require a Fecal/Giardia test with a negative result, Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo, and Rabies. If your dog is under the age of 2 we require the Fecal/Giardia test as well as the Bordetella vacccine every 6 months, dogs over the age of 2 we require them once a year. For cats wanting to board with us, our vaccines requirements are FVRCP and Rabies. We require all dogs to have a temperament test prior to  boarding or daycare, these tests are by appointment only. 

Do I Need To Make Daycare And Boarding Reservations?

Yes, it is always best to make a reservation for daycare and boarding.  However, we do accept established clients for drop in daycare, as each pet guest must be pre-registered and vaccination status verified.  Dogs must also have completed a temperament and personality evaluation before they can play or stay with us, this does require an appointment and 1-2 hour time commitment.  We strongly encourage you to call ahead, as daycare and boarding does fill up quickly.  If your dog will be joining us regularly for daycare, we recommend making a standing reservation.  This way your dog will always have a spot and not miss out on the fun. We always require a reservation and non-refundable deposit for boarding stays. We do ask that all dogs and cats are dropped off for daycare or boarding before 3pm. 

What Time Is Check-In And Check-Out For Daycare?

We allow daycare and boarding check ins till 3pm daily, we DO NOT accept daycare dogs after 3pm. If you check in for boarding after 3pm you will be charged $15 per pet. 


50% non-refundable deposit required to hold room reservation during these following dates:

July 4th 2021: July 4

Thanksgiving 2021: November 27 – December 1

Christmas 2021 – New Years 2021 : December 23 – January 1

July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas-New Years require a minimum stay of three (3) nights, all other holiday stays require a minimum stay of two (2) nights

Holiday surcharge is $5 per pet, per night

We offer multiple pet discounts of 10% off second dog and 50% off more than two dogs sharing the same suite. 

Will You Board Multiple Pets In The Same Suite?

Of course, but only pets from the same family can board in the same suite.  Cats and dogs cannot stay together, they must each stay in their respective pet areas.  Charges will apply for each additional pet in the suite, we offer a multiple pet discount of 10% off regular rates for the 2nd pets, and 50% for more than 2 pets in your household.

Will You Give My Pet Their Medications?

We will administer any non-injectable medication, please make sure medication is clearly labeled and dosage instructions are included.  Please provide pill pockets, or a similar product to make medication more enticing, you are welcome to bring any treats or food that may assist us in giving your pet their medication.  Medications will be given while your pet is in their suite. If you do not provide us with anything to administer the medication with you may buy a jar a peanut butter or a can of wet food from us. We do charge $2 per dose due to the time it takes to give some pets their medication.  Please make sure all medication comes in a plastic container, if your pets medication does come in a glass containers, we are not responsible if the glass container is to break. 

Can I Bring Treats For My Pet?

Yes, please do, especially if your pet is used to treats. Treats will only be given when your pet is in their personal suite and with your permission. 

What Is Kennel Cough And Canine Influenza?

Both canine influenza and kennel cough are contagious upper respiratory infections. Canine influenza is caused by one specific virus and kennel cough is a term used to describe multiple viruses or bacterial infections.  Both may occur at higher rates in places that dogs frequent such as; dog parks, dog daycares, kennels, and veterinary offices. They are both highly contagious and spread like the human cold or flu.  It is important to remember that dogs can be contagious even if they are not showing any clinical signs of being sick, which is one of the reasons these diseases can spread so quickly. 
What are the symptoms of kennel cough and canine influenza?
Symptoms can vary, but are typically characterized by either a dry or wet cough, nasal discharge, listlessness, and sometimes a fever.
What are the treatments for kennel cough and canine influenza?
Canine influenza is a virus and many strains of kennel cough are also viruses.  There is no “cure” for a virus.  Your veterinarian may choose to let the virus run its course or may suspect that the symptoms are caused by a bacterial infection and may prescribe antibiotics.  Many veterinarians do put dogs on antibiotics, even when they suspect a virus is the cause, to help protect against secondary infections including pneumonia.  Additionally, cough tabs, nebulizer treatments, and fluids may be given, depending on the dog’s symptoms.

Can I Bring My Own Pet Food?

We encourage you to do so, as many pets are sensitive to sudden dietary changes, and we find that it’s best to provide them with their regular food to ensure their comfort.  Please bring enough food for your pets entire stay.  If you forget your pets’ food, or they run out while they are staying with us, we sell several different options in our lobby.

Can I Bring My Pets’ Toys, Bowls And Bedding?

Dogs:  We provide the comforts of home, including orthopedic beds, bedding, and raised food & water bowls.  That being said, you’re welcome to bring up to two small items; like your pets favorite blanket or toy.  These will be placed in your pets’ suite for their personal enjoyment.  If you have more than one dog in the same suite we do not allow toys or personal belongings to be brought in to the facility.  This is done to avoid fights over the toys or other personal items. Please leave bowls, beds, and crates at home. We advise owner to leave all toys/chews at home, If you insist on bringing a toy or chew we are not held liable if your dog is to ingest or choke on these items. 
Bowls:  To avoid confusion and potential loss, as bowls are removed from the suites for washing after each meal, please leave your dogs bowls at home. Bowls will be returned to you at check in if they are brought in. 
Bedding: If your dog is a known chewer, we strongly encourage you to bring your own bed.  This is very important, as there will be a charge of $150 added to your total bill at checkout if one of our beds is destroyed by your dog during their stay.
Cats:  Your cats’ condo is furnished with a comfortable bed, blankets, food & water bowls and has perches for your cat to lounge on.  We provide toys, but encourage you to bring your cats’ favorite toys and bedding.  Your cat will also enjoy soft music and soothing essential oil diffusion. Please leave food & water bowls at home.

What If I Cannot Pick Up My Pet By Closing Time?

We require that dogs/cats be picked up by 7pm, we allow a late pick up till 7:20pm with a  $15 charge, otherwise they will be required to stay another night and be charge $150 per pet for a non-reservation fee.  We do this because pets are tucked in and ready for sleep, and we do not want to disturb them once they are settled in their suites for the night.  We hope you understand and appreciate why we cannot offer after-hours pick-up or drop. 

What If My Pet Needs To Go To The Veterinarian?

In the case of illness or injury, our trained staff is always on the look-out for changes in your pet’s behavior and appearance.  If your dog is ill or injured, the owner is contacted immediately and the pet is either taken to their own vet if it is close to Hydrant, or to our vet or animal hospital for treatment. 

What Are The Daycare And Boarding Requirements For Dogs?

 Your dog must be altered (spayed/neutered) by 8 months old depending on dogs behavior, if we are having issues with dogs mounting other dogs we will let you know and ask that they do not attend daycare until they are spayed or neutered. This is for all of the dogs safety that are in our care. 

Bordetella: under the age of 2 every six months over the age of 2 once a year

Fecal/Giardia Test:  under the age of 2 every six months over the age of 2 once a year, with a negative test result

Please keep us up to date on vaccines as they are administered, you or your vet can email them to us

We do allow blood tietering as well

What Is Included In The Overnight Boarding Stay?

We have three sizes of rooms, we do not pair up dogs unless they are from the same household.  All  dog suites are climate controlled with glass front doors, raised bed frames with orthopedic mattresses, and raised feeding stands.   As for play, all dog suites include daycare play in one of our play yards.  Cats will enjoy their own multi-level cat condo, equipped with comfy beds, blankets, and toys.  

What Time Is Check-Out For Overnight Boarding?

On the last day of boarding, daycare is free until noon, after noon daycare fees will apply, pick up between 12-4 a $35 charge will apply or one credit from your half day credit, after 4 a $50 charge or 1 full day credit 

Do You Accept Dogs Who Have Not Been Fixed?

NO all dogs and cats need to be spayed or neutered by 8 months old

How Are Kennel Cough And Canine Influenza Transmitted?

Kennel cough is transmitted during contact with an infected dog whether it is through direct or indirect contact, such as briefly touching noses, collars, leashes, water bowls, etc.

Are There Vaccinations For Kennel Cough And Canine Influenza, And Will They Prevent My Dog From Getting Sick?

There are two separate vaccinations that may reduce the severity of the symptoms,  and the time your dog has symptoms, however, they do not prevent your dog from getting sick.  Currently, recommendations are to administer the Canine Influenza vaccine, initially in two separate doses, two weeks a apart (your dog will need a booster approximately two weeks after the first vaccination) and then annually going forward. The Kennel Cough vaccination is given every 6 months to a year depending on your dogs age.  Just like humans getting the flu shot, you can still get the virus or symptoms, even if you have been vaccinated against it.

Are Kennel Cough And Canine Influenza Vaccinations Required?

Hydrant Pet Hotel requires the kennel cough (Bordetella) vaccination be administered to dogs, every six (6) months for dogs under 2 years old, and once a year for dogs over 2 years old, and we strongly recommends the canine influenza vaccination.  Research shows that while the Canine Influenza vaccine does not prevent infection, it does reduce the severity of the disease.

What Can I Do To Help Prevent The Spread Of Kennel Cough And Canine Influenza?

Keep in mind that canine influenza and kennel cough are much like the human flu or cold and spread the same way.  Talk to your veterinarian and keep your dog current on all recommended vaccinations.  Keep your dog out of daycare and other social situations for at least 10 days if you have reason to believe your dog was exposed to either canine influenza or kennel cough.  Most importantly, remember you know your dog best, so if you suspect your dog might be “a little under the weather” please, keep your dog out of social situations, as your dog is likely to be contagious even if your dog is not coughing or showing other obvious clinical signs of being sick. Please alert Hydrant Pet Hotel immediately if your dog shows any symptoms or if you suspect your dog is sick.

Kennel Cough And Canine Influenza – Simplified In Human Terms

Imagine visiting a daycare center for your child and find it to be clean, well run, safe, and your child is happy there.  A child who happens to be coming down with a cold is at the same daycare.  This child coughs and sneezes near your child and the particles containing the virus or bacteria move through the air, and are inhaled by your child.  Nothing humanly possible can stop the spread of this cold unless one of two things happen.  First, the child showing signs of the cold is kept home, away from other children, or the child is heard sneezing or coughing by a daycare staff member and is immediately put into isolation, away from other children.  Substitute the word “dog” for “child” in the above paragraph and you have a kennel cough scenario.  Kennel cough is here to stay, and the Bordetella vaccine although helpful does not prevent all dogs from getting kennel cough. At Hydrant Pet Hotel, we take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously, but it does not mean your dog will not get kennel cough during their stay with us, your veterinarian office, or any other place where dogs congregate.  No dogs showing signs of illness are permitted to enter our facilities, however, a dog may be harboring the virus without showing any symptoms for 8-10 days.  If you suspect your dogs has been exposed PLEASE DO NOT BRING them into contact with any other pets until your veterinarian considers them safe to be in public.  Incubation period is typically 8-10 days until visible signs of illness are evident.

Do Dogs Get Sick Just Like Kids?

Kennel cough is an ailment that is common among dogs.  Due to its name, people tend to associate it with kennels or boarding facilities.  In actuality, your dog does not need to be kenneled or boarded to catch kennel cough.  It is caused by an airborne virus, which is highly contagious. Any time your dog is in the vicinity of an infected dog (on a walk, at a dog park, or even your veterinarian’s office) the potential for infection exists.  Some dogs are simply carriers and don’t display any signs of the virus, yet they can still transmit the illness.  The incubation period is about 8-10 days, so more than a week can pass after your dog has been exposed to the virus before they start to show signs of illness. As well, dogs that are socialized regularly tend to be less likely to catch the virus, as they usually have developed immunity to most pack-transmitted illnesses.  That is why not every dog in a boarding facility will catch the ailment if there is an outbreak.  Although there is a vaccine (Bordetella) for kennel cough, it is often not effective in preventing all strains of kennel cough.  This is because there  are many mutations of the virus that are ever-evolving, so it is impossible to determine whether the vaccine your dog receives will be the right one for the specific strain they have been exposed to.  This is very similar to the “flu shot” for people; each year a vaccine is developed based on the most prevalent strains.  Just because one gets the flu shot, does not mean they are safe from that year’s strain of flu.  If your dog is in contact with other dogs, or near an area where dogs frequent, it is very possible that your dog will inevitably encounter the virus within their lifetime.  Not to worry, kennel cough is simply the dog version of a common cold.  For most dogs, once they catch it, they become immune to most strains and are unlikely to catch the cold again.  In nearly all cases, kennel cough will run its course (within 2 weeks of the first sign of illness) without medication.  Your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics to prevent any further illness while the immune system is down.  Pet parents of extremely old, young, and sick dogs should take extra precaution because of their pets delicate immune systems, and limit their exposure to dogs in general. Reputable boarding facilities will require the Bordetella vaccine to be given every 6 months in order to cover a broader spectrum of the potential strains. For more information, consult your veterinarian.

What Does Hydrant Pet Hotel Do To Reduce The Likelihood Of My Dog Getting Sick?

Hydrant Pet Hotel treats all potential health issues very seriously and wants to assure you, we are doing all we can by taking preventative measures; including requiring the Bordetella vaccination every 6 months to 1 year, strongly encouraging the canine influenza vaccination, adhering to the highest standards of cleaning and disinfecting, and immediately isolating any dogs known to be infected. Our facility is equipped with a “Petairapy” system that is directly connected to our heating and cooling systems,  using special filters and UV lights “Petairapy”  helps clean contaminated air.  Unfortunately, both diseases are so highly contagious that no amount of supervision, sanitation, or personal care can guarantee complete prevention of canine influenza or kennel cough.

Are There Ever Dog Fights?

Typically there are never dog fights in group play, this is why:
•      Each dog is screened and evaluated by our staff prior to them being allowed attending daycare or boarding.  Temperament and personality evaluations help, but do not guarantee that every dog will behave at all times.  The evaluations are however, an effective tool to keep aggressive dogs from entering the general population of daycare dogs.  Dogs showing any signs of aggression will not be admitted and will be recommended for training.  Dogs will be re-evaluated after they have successfully completed their training.
•      Dogs are generally very protective in their own homes and with their human families.  This over-protective behavior is generally not displayed in a neutral, daycare environment because the owner is not present and the dog is away from their own home. Dog’s can relax and forget about protecting anyone or anything.
•      Many dogs have what is referred to as leash-aggression, which typically goes away when the leash is removed.  This is especially true if the dog is not with their owners.  Dogs are off-leash in the daycare play areas, and once you remove the leash, the aggressive behavior disappears.
•      Normal scuffles may occur naturally in play, fighting is not a regular occurrence and rarely happens. If a fight was to break out, our dog handlers are always close to intervene and make corrections.  

Do Dogs Ever Get Hurt?

While we take every effort to avoid any type of injury to your dog, injuries can be happen in a dog daycare environment.  Hydrant has two separate play areas to accommodate all types of play-styles, sizes, temperaments, and ages, so each dog has the best and safest experience possible.  Dogs play with their teeth; grabbing each other by the neck, ears, and tails, making nicks, scrapes, and the occasional puncture inevitable.  Ears are often nipped by accident, because of the thin skin, they bleed easily and are difficult to stitch. This is a risk you must be willing to accept if you want your dog to play in this type of environment.  Hydrant Pet Hotel has a strict supervision policy, and your dog will be in the company of our trained staff, who will provide continual supervision and intervention if needed. However, there could be fights among dogs in any off-leash play environment.  Our staff is trained to anticipate a problem before it starts, they are trained to recognize aggressive behavior between dogs and stop any unsuitable behavior immediately.   In the unlikelihood of a fight occurring, we are ready to respond.  If your dog causes an injury to another dog or staff, you are financially responsible for that injury.  If there was no incident and your dog was injured during play and/or stay, you are financially responsible for that injury. This is a risk you accept when your dog attends daycare

What If My Dog Doesn’t Play Well With Others?

We require all dogs that enter our facility to be dog friendly and to have passed a temparment test to come to HPH.

What Are The Boarding Requirements For Cats?

Vaccinations & flea control must be administered at least 48 hours prior to arrival. 
FVRCP:  We require a current FVRCP vaccination.  Yearly boosters required.
Rabies:  We require a current rabies vaccination, 1st vaccine is effective for one year, subsequent booster vaccines are given every 3 years.  Please consult your veterinarian.
Flea Control:  A consistent flea control protocol is also required for all cats staying at Hydrant Pet Hotel. 
Cats must be healthy at the time of check-in.

What Are The Cat Accommodations Like And Is The Cat Area Separate From The Dog Areas?

The only time a cat may encounter a dog is in our lobby, similar to your vets office. 

We require that your cat arrives in a crate, please clearly mark crate with your cats name and your name and phone number. The cat room is separate from the dog areas.  We have private cat suites for each cat guest, they are built for comfort; with comfy beds, secret hideaways and perches, to provide a comfortable stay for your cat. Cats will enjoy petting and lap time during feedings, clean-up, one-on-one time, and before lights out. Cats from the same household may share a suite, we offer a multiple pet discount of 10% off regular rates for the 2nd+ pets, and 50% off 2 or more in your household

Will You Pick-Up And Drop-Off My Cat?

Our pet taxi is only for dogs.

What Are The Daycare And Boarding Cancellation Policies?

We understand plans may change, however since we are a small boutique hotel we only have 26 overnight rooms and 3 cat condos. We request a 20% non-refundable deposit to reserve boarding, during peak Holidays we require a 50% non-refundable deposit. We allow for changes or cancelations two weeks prior to confirmed boarding reservation. If changes or cancelation occur after the two week period you will be financially responsible for the entire confirmed reservation. Deposits are always non-refundable no matter when the booking is cancelled. 


What Do I Need To Know About Booking During The Holiday/Peak Season Periods?

50% non-refundable deposit required to hold room reservation during these following dates:

July 4th 2021: July 4

Thanksgiving 2021: November 27 – December 1

Christmas 2021 – New Years 2021 : December 23 – January 1

July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas-New Years require a minimum stay of three (3) nights, all other holiday stays require a minimum stay of two (2) nights

Holiday surcharge is $5 per pet, per night

We offer multiple pet discounts of 10% off second dog and 50% off more than two dogs sharing the same suite.

Is Hydrant Pet Hotel Secure?

Yes, we have a Hydrant staff member at the hotel 24/7/365.  Our hotel features a 24 hour security system, cameras throughout the hotel4. Our facility is also monitored by the fire department 24/7. Our property is also gated entirely.




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