At Hydrant Pet Hotel your dog’s safety is our number one concern. Each dog that enters our facility goes through a temperament test and personality assessment with one of our professional trainers. These evaluations are used to determine if a dog is suitable for daycare play and also serves to decide which play group your dog is best suited for, based on size, breed, age, and play style. Dogs that are not yet ready for daycare play will be referred for training.


Your dog will enjoy one of our luxury overnight suites during their training stay at Hydrant University. Each of our dogs in training will have daily sessions, working on basic obedience, heeling, and off-leash obedience. Training can help with issues such as; chewing, biting, fighting, digging, and different types of aggression. Training works on a dog’s behavioral patterns and bad habits, using custom programs for problem solving and behavioral modification. Our programs are designed to solve all levels of concerns, which will make dog ownership an easier and more pleasurable experience for you and your dog. You will also be taught the proper commands, so you can continue reinforcing your dog’s newly learned skills at home. For those with puppies, early training and socialization, will help prevent problems before they start. Hydrant University offers both one-on-one training and group classes, both designed to help ensure your dog becomes a wonderful canine member of your family for it’s entire life.